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Division of Academic Engagement and Student Achievement Office of the Provost

Update Your Email Signature in Outlook

The fall 2021 update to the official WSU brand includes a new format for email signatures. Updating your email signature in Outlook to with the new format does take a few steps and about three minutes, but it is easier than you might think. Here’s how to do it (on a PC running Windows 10):

Working on Multiple Computers?

This process will need to be repeated on every computer you use to do your work for WSU. Outlook stores signatures not on the server, but locally on each individual computer you use.

  1. Create a new email. Open your Outlook app. In ribbon/menu under the “Home” section, first select the “New” icon and then select “New Email” from the options that appear. Leave your new email open—you’ll come back to it in a minute for next steps.

  2. Download the e-mail signature template to your computer. Separately, go to the WSU branding website’s downloads page at, and scroll down on that page to “Email signature” box and click on “downloads”.

  3. A modal window will appear, asking you to click the box testifying you’ve read and accepted the guidelines, and then click the red box that says “downloads.”
  4. The WSU login asking for your username/email address and password may pop up, so enter the information. (Explanation: They are restricting the downloading of their assets to people who have a network ID. So, if you happen to already be logged in, you will not be asked to log in again.)