Achieving the WSU Undergraduate Learning Goals

All undergraduates, regardless of major, are expected to achieve the WSU Undergraduate Learning Goals. Identified by the faculty of Washington State University as core skills and knowledge necessary for the academic success that leads to career, personal, and civic competencies, the WSU Undergraduate Learning Goals frame study in the major, general education, and co-curricular experiences.

Diagram: Demonstrating Achievement of the WSU Undergraduate Learning Goals

The diagram shown below exemplifies how WSU graduation requirements — with emphasis on general education, major, and writing proficiency requirements — and co-curricular experiences are related to demonstrating achievement of the WSU Undergraduate Learning Goals. Please note that this diagram is conceptual and not intended to convey proportionality of credit hours or time commitment. Specific requirements will vary and are officially defined in the WSU Catalog. Students may also pursue additional majors, minors, and/or certificates.

A Venn Diagram that depicts the overlap between general education requirements, major requirements, writing proficiency requirements, and co-curricular learning experiences in achieving the WSU Undergraduate Learning Goals. See below for a PDF version of the diagram that is compatible with screen reader software.
This diagram was collaboratively developed by the Office of Assessment for Curricular Effectiveness and UCORE Director, with input from the Vice Provost of Academic Engagement and Student Achievement, Associate Vice Presidents in the Division of Student Affairs, the Liaison Council for Undergraduate Assessment, and faculty representatives.