UNIV: University-Wide

UNIV courses are one-, two-, three-, and four-credit elective offerings designed to help students from all majors build skills necessary to succeed at college and in life.

The UNIV curriculum is under the auspices of the Division of Academic Engagement and Student Achievement in the Office of the Provost and Executive President. UNIV courses are organized into four broad categories, and introduce topics ranging from career exploration to undergraduate research, from academic strategies to internships, and from transfer success to peer leadership. Active and collaborative learning environments in these courses lead to self-awareness and proficiency in critical thinking, communication, social and cultural inclusivity, and much more.

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Instructors: Schedule a UNIV Course

UNIV courses are taught by WSU faculty and staff with permission of their home department and approval of the UNIV Curriculum Committee.  Approval of a new course section is determined after a review of instructor qualifications (typically at least a Master’s degree), course content, and alignment with overall strategy and syllabus requirements.  DAESA encourages faculty and staff of the WSU community to consider sharing their expertise and providing students with a strong foundation for further study and achievement by teaching UNIV courses.  Requests to schedule course sections are submitted on a semester-by-semester basis through the form linked below.

Pullman and Global

Karly Gomez (Primary), 509-335-3995, kgomez@wsu.edu
Crystal Orr (Secondary), 509-335-7239, crystal.orr@wsu.edu


Jessica Bland, 509-372-7351, jessica.bland@wsu.edu


Jenny Kincaid, 360-546-9565, jenny.kincaid@wsu.edu

UNIV Courses Listing

Check our UNIV Curriculum page for a full UNIV course listing that includes topical categories, course descriptions, and student learning outcomes.

  • UNIV 100: College Majors and Career Exploration
  • UNIV 101: Developing College Success Strategies
  • UNIV 104: College Success Seminar
  • UNIV 110: Developing Academic Strategies for Reading and Writing
  • UNIV 111: Developing Academic Strategies for Listening and Discussion
  • UNIV 198: Foundations of Academic Research
  • UNIV 199: Introduction to Directed Research
  • UNIV 204: First-Year Career Exploration and Design Thinking
  • UNIV 250: Success in College and Beyond
  • UNIV 295: Introduction to Models of Leadership
  • UNIV 300: Accessing Information for Research
  • UNIV 301: Career Exploration and Professional Development
  • UNIV 304: Transfer Student Seminar
  • UNIV 394: Research Skills
  • UNIV 398: Internship
  • UNIV 490: Global Leadership Experience
  • UNIV 491: Global Leadership Integrative Capstone
  • UNIV 492: Education Abroad Integrative Capstone
  • UNIV 493: Global Leadership Experience
  • UNIV 494: Advanced Research Skills
  • UNIV 497: Peer Leadership