The UNIV Curriculum

UNIV (university-wide) courses are one-, two-, three-, and four-credit elective offerings designed to help students from all majors develop the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and behaviors necessary to succeed in college, engage in high impact experiences, and graduate career-ready.

UNIV courses fall into five categories including academic support and transition, career preparation and exploration, leadership development, undergraduate research and creative discovery, and undergraduate certificates. The curriculum is managed and overseen by the UNIV Curriculum Committee.

UNIV Course Scheduling

If you would like to propose to teach a UNIV course that is not already scheduled, you must submit a request.

UNIV Courses Listed by Topical Category

Academic Support and Transition

Whether a student is new to WSU or continuing, these courses can help them be successful in their time here at WSU. Courses include:

UNIV 104: First-Year Success Seminar
Course Prerequisite: Less than 30 credits. Strategies for college success, goal setting, integrative learning, and developing community connects in order to excel in the first year.

UNIV 110: Developing Academic Strategies for Reading and Writing
Development of academic English vocabulary, grammatical competence, reading strategies, and academic writing skills. (Course Prerequisites: TOEFL iBT 64-75, TOEFL PBT 185-205, or IELTS 5.5-6; INTO Pathways Students only.)

UNIV 111: Developing Academic Strategies for Listening and Discussion
Refinement of academic English skills, focusing on listening and speaking in classroom contexts, as well as further development of critical thinking skills and academic success strategies in an American university setting. (Course Prerequisites: UNIV 110 with a grade of B or better; TOEFL iBT of 64-75, TOEFL PBT of 185-205, or IELTS of 5.5-6; INTO Pathways students only.)

UNIV 250: Success in College and Beyond
Skills and strategies that are critical for college success, professional development, and personal growth. (S, F grading.)

Career Preparation and Exploration

These UNIV courses are designed to assist students with identifying a major or career and well as help them prepare for their future job search. The following UNIV courses from the WSU General Catalog fall under this category:

UNIV 100: College Majors and Career Exploration
Career development and the decision-making process; exploration of academic majors and careers. (Credit not granted for both UNIV 100 and 101.)

UNIV 101: College Majors and Career Choice
Career development and the decision-making process; exploration of academic majors and careers. (Credit not granted for both UNIV 100 and 101. Course Prerequisite: By permission only.)

UNIV 301: Career Exploration and Development
Course Prerequisite: Sophomore standing. Career exploration through various types of research and professional development work including self assessments and preparation for entry into professional environments.

UNIV 398: Internship
May be repeated for credit; cumulative maximum 15 hours. Cooperative educational internship with a business, government or non-profit organization. S, F grading.


Leadership courses are for specific groups that are training to become leaders at WSU and beyond. Courses include:

UNIV 295: Introduction to Models of Leadership
Introduction to leadership theories; development of personal leadership skills and application of leadership strategies via experiential learning.

UNIV 497: Peer Leadership
May be repeated for credit; cumulative maximum 9 hours. Development of leadership and interpersonal skills for specific peer leadership and paraprofessional positions.


These courses are for students interested in, or already conducting, research at WSU and can help them navigate the undergraduate research process. Courses include:

UNIV 199: Introduction to Directed Research
May be repeated for credit; cumulative maximum 12 hours. Introduction to independent research, scholarship, reading analysis, creative project, or field experiences.

UNIV 300: Accessing Information for Research
Scholarly research process and strategies, with emphasis on electronic resources for conducting academic research in the disciplines.

Undergraduate Certificates

Currently WSU offers the Global Leadership certificate which is comprised of the following coursework:

UNIV 490: Global Leadership Experience
Course Prerequisite: Admitted to the Global Leadership Certificate program; by permission. Intensive or sustained experiential global learning through experiences such as education abroad or local intercultural activities. S, F grading.

UNIV 491: Global Leadership Integrative Capstone
Course Prerequisite: Admitted to the Global Leadership Certificate program. Integrative culminating experience for global leadership.

UNIV 492: Education Abroad Integrative Capstone
Integrative culminating experience for education abroad. Recommended preparation: Study abroad.

UNIV 493: Global Leadership Experience
Course Prerequisite: By department permission. Enhancement of student skills, perspectives, and competencies relating to global experience at home or abroad.