Smith Teaching and Learning Grants

The Vice Provost for Academic Engagement and Student Achievement is responsible for soliciting grant proposals for innovative ideas that enhance teaching and learning at WSU. Projects are sought that address WSU’s commitment to Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Access (IDEA); a second IDEA grant added in 2022 is the Transformational Change Initiative (TCI) Grant for Advancing IDEA. Applications for both awards are due in spring; the deadline for the current round of Smith Teaching and Learning Grants is March 13, 2023. Smith grants are typically awarded and announced in mid- to late April.

The Smith grant program was established through the Samuel H. and Patricia W. Smith Teaching and Learning Endowment, begun in 2000 when WSU President Smith retired.  

Focus Areas for Award Cycles

Proposals are typically sought that address a few specific areas through innovative practices that improve student learning. Recent topics have called for proposals that address equity gaps, experiential learning, and multi-section courses.

Which IDEA Grant Is Right for Me?

While the Smith Teaching and Learning Grant and TCI IDEA Grant programs may look similar upon a cursory glance, there are distinct requirements and key differences between the two. Our The “Which IDEA Grant is Right for Me?” section of faculty award overview page explains the nuances.

Download the RFP

Download our request for proposals to obtain detailed guidance on how to prepare your proposal.

If you need more information, please contact Karly Gomez or Bill Davis, Interim Vice Provost for Academic Engagement and Student Achievement.

What You Need to Apply

Briefly, you will provide the following information and documents using our application form below to apply for a Smith grant:

  • Applicant information
  • Project proposal
  • Chair or director’s endorsement
  • Curriculum vitae

Don’t Forget the Chair’s Endorsement

You will be asked to upload a chair or director’s signed endorsement of the project. This document attests that the fund recipient(s) will have continued employment at WSU in the applicable academic year.

Please note: Proposals without the chair’s endorsement will not be accepted.

Smith Grants Application Form

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3Chair or Director's Endorsement
4Curriculum Vitae

Note: Required fields are marked by a red asterisk symbol (*). Please contact our web coordinator if you encounter any problems with this application form so we can provide you with further assistance.

Applicant Information and Project Title

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  1. Applicant Info and Project Title
  2. Project Proposal
  3. Chair or Director's Endorsement
  4. Curriculum Vitae